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Platform Features

Explore the technology imperatives that make us a leader in the payment gateway arena.

Fraud Prevention

Our payment data protocols are the most effective in the business and they are constantly updated to make sure they cannot be exploited. We use advanced encryption and follow the PCI-DSS requirements. The Risk Engine combined with ever advancing AI components create an evolving pattern detection algorithm that picks up new trends before frauds even occur. Why do we go above and beyond to ensure such high security standards? Because we know security brings trust - and trust inspires customer loyalty.

24/7 Technical Support

Be it a technical issue or a general query - we deploy support teams that work round the clock, 365 days a year to make sure your platform experience is the best it can be. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to a technician who will be at your beck-and-call!

Reporting & Analytics

The transactional metrics associated with our platform are numerous. Innovation is a part of who we are, the statistics interface enables clients to generate and schedule extensive reports. In order to make sure our services are the best they can be, we make the most of our data, carrying advanced analytics for actionable insights into boosting security, ensuring compliance, delivering customized experiences, and staying ahead of our peers.

Reconciliation Management

We compare and consolidate your transaction data through the gateway and the payment providers data and make sure the numbers add up, helping you get better visibility and the results you want from your reporting. This saves you time and effort, while maintaining a precise record of what has happened.

Chargeback Management

Chargebacks are a part of any business, especially in the e-commerce domain. However, if managed poorly, they can create operational chaos and a lot of confusion. Our chargeback management teams help you connect with your customers, better understand the reasons for the chargebacks, and avoid unpleasant scenarios. We can facilitate a pre-chargeback alert service for you so that you can be hands-on with your approach, resolving issues quicker than ever before.

By incorporating services such as Ethoca Alerts and or Verifi CDRN into the gateway we can reduce fraud and non-fraud chargebacks by up to 40% helping you to keep a direct control over the impact of these on your business. Our knowledge of the products and your sector/client base will help us guide you to select the relevant services to reduce chargebacks, increase profitability and build a strong client base.

Level 1 PCI-DSS Certified

The PCI Security Standards Council doesn't certify payment gateways that have even the smallest of flaws in their security protocols or technologies. The PCI Security Standards Council also keeps a vigilant eye on emerging threats, constantly updating their security standards and training security teams.

Security is our foremost priority and in order to make our platform as secure as possible, we comply with the standards to allow us to be awarded PCI-DSS Level 1 certification. We follow the kind of security policies that safely allow you to store payment data.

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